Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Herbivore Dinner: Tofu Scramble, Herbed Home Fries & Spicy Greens

My nutritious, fat-free, and totally yummy dinner tonight came from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook.First: Tofu Scramble (recipe also on the Happy Herbivore website.) I love tofu scrambles, but most use a combo of oils and soy sauce. This version uses a blend of nutritional yeast, Dijon mustard, and lots of spices. I really like it. Tonight I added mushrooms and spinach to it.

Second: Herbed Home Fries, roasted with plenty of herbs and spices. I was worried that they wouldn't roast properly without oil, but they were perfect--crunchy on the outside and full of flavor.

Third: Spicy Greens. Collards are cooked with onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes. To my horror, I realized I was completely out of onions while getting ready to make this. So I substituted the one shallot I had. I've never had collards before but really want to eat more of them because they're so nutritious. This wasn't bad--it was really spicy with the additional hot sauce I added to it. I think it would be better with a lot more onion like the recipe calls for. And I think my taste buds need to adjust to collards. I'll definitely make this again with more onion.

I got all of this together very quickly after I got home from work, and it was very filling: both big plusses. Overall this made a great meal.


  1. it looks stunning -- glad you enjoyed the recipes and dabbled into collards. they are a bit unusual, but you'll get used to them!

  2. I've recently gotten into raw collards and I may like them more than cooked just because I'm used to greens softening so much more than collards tend to. They are delicious though and so good for you!