Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Herbivore Chickpea Tacos

These tacos are fantastic! Mix some spices with soy sauce and lemon juice, combine with chickpeas, and bake them, and you get "Wow!" The crunchy chickpeas are really flavorful. I topped them with spinach, tomato, and taco sauce (I like my tacos saucy), and they were great. I'd also add these to salads, chili, or just to eat as a snack. I used the recipe in The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, but the author posted a version on her website.

I made these last night between work and going out, so I had very little time. They're really simple and quick to make. These will definitely be in my weeknight dinner rotation from now on.


  1. How you make so many different delicious looking meals from cookbooks every night, I will never understand! Do you halve or quarter a lot of the recipes? I always have a lot of leftovers that I'm paranoid about using up but then I feel like going through all that trouble for one night is a little excessive. Anyway, kudos! These sound great - I LOVE roasting chickpeas.

  2. Ha ha--I was just saying this weekend that "I Eat Leftovers" will be engraved on my tombstone because that's my life! I usually don't make less because then I'll have something left over (like a half an eggplant), and then I'd need to find a recipe to use it up. I eat tons of leftovers. If it came out great, I bring some to work for my coworkers.