Monday, March 14, 2011

Appetite for Reduction: Spinach-Potato Curry & Masala Baked Tofu

This weekend I made another fabulous dish from Appetite for Reduction: Spinach-Potato Curry and Masala Baked Tofu. For the curry, I used four ounces more spinach than the recipe called for (but what was I supposed to do with the leftover frozen spinach?). Consequently, near the end of the cooking time, I worried that my extra spinach would diffuse the spices and reduce the flavor, so I frantically started adding more curry powder and cumin.

It turned out not quite as spicy and flavorful as I wanted, so next time I'd probably double all the spices, including the red pepper flakes. But the spinach was velvety as promised. What made this dish fantastic was the Masala Baked Tofu I had with it.

I'm not sure why I didn't like the baked curried tofu from Veganomicon (I'm thinking I didn't press the tofu long enough so it didn't absorb the marinade well) because I LOVED both the Basic Baked Tofu and this Masala Baked Tofu. I could have eaten all the tofu right off the baking sheet.
Paired with the curry and brown basmati rice, it was really great. I had leftovers for lunch today, and it may have been even better.I've been loving Appetite for Reduction so much that I'm not going to do the next cookbook in Cook Vegan Lover's Cookbook Club so that I can spend more time with Appetite.


  1. That tofu does look great - I never take the time to cut, marinate, and bake tofu but yours looks nice and thin.
    I've totally been slacking with the AfR recipes but seeing how much you enjoy it, and getting feedback from other people, as well as realizing how much more stuff I want to make, I won't be doing the next cookbook either. Especially because I'm not a huge fan of the Skinny Bitch stuff anyway. I can't believe you actually still have stuff to make from the book!

  2. I came across your blog when I did a Google search for the masala baked tofu because I wanted to share it with someone but my cookbook is at home and I'm not, and it turns out we're from the same city! I live in the South Side. Small world.

  3. I agree, pressing tofu is key process when preparing tofu. If you drain it completely then it will taste way better.
    Nice recipe nevertheless ;)