Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Appetite for Reduction: 40-Clove Broccoli & Chickpeas

This is one of my favorite kinds of recipes: simple, few ingredients, and just works. Garlic cloves (despite the title, it calls for 10 but I used 15), chickpeas, and broccoli spears are roasted with a little olive oil and a smattering of simple spices (salt, freshly ground pepper, lemon zest, and oregano). It's good, hearty vegan comfort food that I think omnivores would enjoy too. And it took all of five minutes to put together. I had a salad and toast and cleaned up the kitchen while it was cooking. What a bonus to have the kitchen cleaned before I'm done with dinner!

Next time I'll skip adding the chopped up broccoli stalks (too tough and not very flavorful) and add even more garlic.

Another love story from Appetite for Reduction!


  1. What great happenstance -- I was just thinking I need to use up some cans of chickpeas, and then found your recipe!

  2. i always add more garlic than what the recipe calls for, too! this looks really good, i'll have to try it!