Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 11: Project Food Budget

Week 11 of Reluctant Vegetarian's Project: Food Budget

Goal: $75
Actual: $78.80

Yay for this week, but I'm running out of some staples. I expect to be over budget next week. This week's budget went to:
Hello to the other food budgeters!


  1. way to go lady! maybe you'll be right on budget and surprise yourself next week. you never know!

  2. The tofu that you made on the same post as the miso dressing... did you make that with one brick of tofu or two? I see it's in 14 pieces but the recipe calls for 8 pieces so I'm wondering if you made a big batch or went for thinner pieces and if so, why? (Was thinner better, etc.)

    Good job on coming so close to budget!