Monday, March 21, 2011

Visiting a Goat and Baby Chicks

As a kid I dreamed of the day I could have whatever and however many pets as I wanted. That day hasn't come yet--the husband, the city, and the cats (who want the house to themselves) have limited my pets.

So I'm still dreaming, but now my dream is to have enough land to have a mini-sanctuary for goats, pigs, and chickens--while still living in the city. I love animals, but I really can't imagine moving out of the city; I just love living in Pittsburgh too much. And not being able to walk to most places and instead having to get into my car and drive everywhere would really drive me nuts!

So, for now, I can get my farm animal fix by visiting my cousin who, with his wife and their little girl, have 15 pets: 6 dogs, 6 baby chicks they just got, a guinea pig, a cat, and a goat named Chuck.

Isn't Chuck handsome? He has a little white heart on his forehead! He's friendly and playful but has some bad habits, like jumping and head butting. Luckily, he understands "no." My cousin plans on getting a pygmy goat this year as a friend for him. Until I have my own goat, I'm happy I get to visit Chuck!
Here are four of the baby chicks. They're all so pretty and so content to just sit in your hand and peep. The pale yellow was my favorite.

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