Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fat-Free Vegan Mayo

One of my recipes called for reduced-fat or fat-free vegan mayo. I found reduced-fat Vegenaise, and everyone says Vegenaise is the best. But, in part because I knew I was over my food budget for the week, I couldn't stomach paying $4.79 for it.Instead I made the fat-free vegan mayo from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. It called for the above ingredients I already had and took about a minute to whip up in the blender. It turned out creamy, tangy, and really great in my recipe. Maybe I'll try Vegenaise when I'm under my food budget, but for now I'll make my own.

March 16 Update
I realized after Food Feud noted it that Trader Joe's Dijon mustard is really spicy. I made this again last night and used regular Dijon. I liked it much better.


  1. I have to ask you what you think about that Trader Joe's Dijon mustard - I love mustard, and I usually like spice but I'm afraid I got a weird jar of that stuff! Is it super, super spicy for you too?? I can barely eat it without my eyes watering!

  2. I'm not a big mustard fan, and my first pass I thought it was too mustardy, so I added more agave and lemon juice. It ended being still really tangy but worked perfectly in my recipe. I thought it was just me!