Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baked Tofu, Kale & Brown Rice Bowl with Chickpea Gravy

This was another bowl idea from Appetite for Reduction: Gravy Bowl with basic baked tofu (it called for tempeh, but I substituted tofu), steamed kale, brown rice, and the Silky Chickpea Gravy.

First things first: this chickpea gravy is amazing. You blend chickpeas with onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil, thyme, and rubbed sage; vegetable broth mixed with arrowroot powder; and soy sauce. It's thick and gravy-y and savory and just really yummy. I could eat a whole recipe by the spoonful without much problem. I made the omnivore husband taste it too, and he thought it was pretty good. I'll definitely make this gravy again and smother it over everything. I found the recipe on this blog, so try it!
So what happens when you combine this wonderful gravy with rice, my favorite baked tofu, and steamed kale? You get an absolutely scrumptious, filling, healthy meal...so good that, a half-hour after dinner, I'm looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow.


  1. I've heard wonderful things about the gravy, and steamed kale is amazing any which way. I can't see how this could possibly go wrong.

  2. Oh man...this sounds amazing! I must make that gravy. :o) Baked tofu, kale, rice and the gravy....sounds like a perfect meal!
    My husband sounds just like yours. He will eat a few of the side items that I make, but not many. He's not a big veggies person. His veggies consist of potatoes...ha

  3. That gravy sounds yummy! I made the bhutanese pineapple rice and thai red tofu yesterday. Both were good but a little too similar to each other. They're a good complement, but it was a bit one dimensional.

  4. Mmmmm, this looks delicious. Both images :)