Thursday, January 13, 2011

Veganomicon Review: Black Beans with Chipotle Adobo Sauce

Ayyyyyyyyy! Spice alert! These were HOT! However, trying to be resourceful, I used twice as many chipotle peppers as the recipe called for so I didn't have to throw them out. If you make this recipe, don't make my mistake unless you want to cry as you're eating it and have a belly full of heat for about an hour afterwards. I also ladled on the sauce like gravy, when I should have just drizzled.

Heat aside, this was really good. It was very easy to make and used just a few ingredients. The black beans (canned) simmered for 40 minutes in water with an onion and a bay leaf, resulting in very flavorful and tender beans. They would taste good plain.

I served them on a bed of spinach on a tortilla and way too much of the chipotle adobo sauce. Lesson learned!


  1. Mmm. This is on my list. I've made that mistake too. It was black bean soup and I tried to use up my chipotles in adobo. So painful!

  2. Oh my god, you used twice as many chipotle peppers! I tried this last night, and even though I just used the right amount of ingredients, it was VERY SPICY... my boyfriend could not even finish it!