Sunday, January 9, 2011


Greetings from my kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pa!

This blog is devoted to my continued journey into the wonderful world of vegan cooking and baking. And because I'm very into health and fitness, I'll blog about that sometimes too. Read my story about why I went vegan and how it's changed my life, and please visit often. I look forward to sharing recipes with everyone!

My Story
A vegetarian since 2002 because I didn't want to support industries that abuse animals, I went vegan in April 2010 after reading Animals Make Us Human: How to Create the Best Lives for Animals by Temple Grandin, who has consulted for farms and slaughterhouses for 30 years.

I learned that, while all animals suffer inhumanely on industrialized farms, egg-laying chickens and dairy cows have the poorest welfare. How ironic that in trying to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle, I'd actually been supporting the industries that treat animals the worst! Once I knew, I went vegan.

It changed my life. Going vegan opened up a whole new world of healthy foods I'd never have tried otherwise. I never liked cooking and had never baked a thing from scratch in my life. Now I'm obsessed with both. I'm healthier, thinner, and fitter than I've ever been. Since going vegan (as well as being on Weight Watchers and an intense exercise regimen), I lost more than 30 pounds and dropped four to five sizes from a size 12 to 6/4 (depending on the store/brand). Aside from weight loss, I just feel better. I love being a vegan.


  1. love the blog!! can't wait to read what you're eating.

  2. We have such a similar story... and we are in the same city! I may be stalking you, but I am excited to find another cool PGH vegan! :)