Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 17: Project Food Budget

Week 17 of Reluctant Vegetarian's Project: Food Budget

Goal: $75
Actual: $79.88 (but total was $137.56...see notes)

This past week was unique in that one of my favorite stores, Right by Nature, closed, causing me to spend money on groceries I otherwise wouldn't have. As soon as I heard they were closing, I went there to use the $30 coupon I'd purchased a while back for $15. Because I went quickly, I didn't prepare a grocery list, and when I got there, I realized they were out of the main things I came for. So I bought things willy nilly, including two bottles of vitamin B12 ($24 total), which I normally wouldn't put in my food budget. Still, I spent only $8.45 after using my coupon.

I was out of nutritional yeast and also needed agar powder (for cupcakes I'm making this week). Normally I'd go to Right by Nature for both, and I'd heard the nutritional yeast at Whole Foods isn't good. So I made what for me is a very long trek to the East End Food Co-Op. Because it's so far out of my way and a nightmare to get to in East End traffic (I hate traffic) and I don't want to go back soon, I bought more than $15 of nutritional yeast from the bulk bin. Then, I made a $10 mistake. I forgot to check to see how much agar I needed, so I filled up a bag with it...which ended up being a little more than $10! When I got home, I nearly cried to see I needed only a half teaspoon.

In addition to my $30 coupon at Right by Nature, I also used the last of a rebate card I got from that's why this week my total doesn't match my actual.

In addition to all the nutritional yeast and bottles of B12, I spent a hefty $11 on organic miso and stuff to make
Hello to my fellow budgeters!


  1. sounds like you got some good deals!

    and totally bummed that RBN is closing. hopefully they will open up another location. {fingers crossed!}

  2. I agree with Emily...sounds like you got some great deals! I'm in the process of doing a budget and trying my hand at couponing....need to cut back on the grocery bill. I've never really used coupons, but am about to start. :o)