Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Workout Clothes I Love

I'm a little obsessed with workout clothes. At this point, I may have spent more on my workout wardrobe than my regular one. But why not? I work out six or seven days a week, so why shouldn't I wear cute clothes when I'm exercising? Here are my top picks by activity.

Yoga and Strength Training
I love Athleta's Chaturanga Pant and its close cousin Kickbooty Pant when I'm doing yoga, pilates, or strength training at the gym. They're both made with Athleta's Pilayo fabric that's soft, comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and wicking. These pants are so comfortable, I also wear them just around the house. I wouldn't wear these for jogging or long walks, though, because the wide legs might trip me up. I've washed them a ton, and they hold up well--no pilling, and I've had one pair for a year now.

Note that these go on sale pretty frequently as they get new colors in. XS and XSS are always on sale.

Chaturanga Pant
Kickbooty Pant ("The most flattering pant we make to turn your backside into your best side.")
I also love Athleta's Bra-Cup Tops. There's an actual bra built into the top (you order in your bra size), not some flimsy "internal shelf bra" that does nothing. They are comfortable, wicking, and look great. I like them so much I ordered four pairs, in these styles:

Cutout Cami
Empire Vee Neck TankCardio and Spinning
My new favorite workout pant is Lululemon's Wunder Under Crop. I hemmed and hawed over buying them--could a pair of plain black crops really be worth the hefty $68 price tag? The answer is YES! They're made with Lululemon's Luon signature fabric: breathable, cotton-feel, wicking, and very comfortable. They're a medium rise, so they hit perfectly--not too high or low. They're extremely flattering and, because they're plain black and don't scream "I'm a workout pant," I'll wear these under tunics or dresses too.I just bought Lucy's Hatha Capri Leggings (the blue color was on sale). I haven't worn them to work out yet, but they're flattering and fit well. They're made with Lucy's Powermax compressive, wicking fabric, so they'll be good when I'm moving around and sweating a lot. Lucy's stuff also goes on sale frequently, so be sure to check for sales. Note that all Lucy products (that I've bought anyway) run very big--you'll likely need to order a size down from what you usually order.I also just ordered Athleta's Spin Knicker that has a chamois pad built in. The pair I got seemed defective (there was a bunch of extra fabric in the crotch), so they're sending me a new pair. I have yet to test these in spinning, but there is rubber at the bottom to hold them in place, and they seem like they'll work well.

I have a ton of wicking tees for cardio (I usually buy them on sale at Dick's), but here are two I just got and like.

Lucy's Action Tank (currently on sale)Athleta's Seamless Shivali Tank (also currently on sale) feels almost like a knit, so it's super soft but still wicking and breathable. Note that this is the only top I've gotten from Athleta that ran a tad bit small, so consider sizing up unless you want it very form fitting. If You Only Have $25...
I bought a pair of gray compressive capris at Old Navy. The quality and fit don't even come close to Athleta, Lululemon, or Lucy (they were a bit baggy at the waist and knees; material is not great), but I do think think they're a tad better than the Champion line that Target carries. I'll wear them out walking this summer.

Athleta's Shipping & Exchanges
I buy from Athleta all the time (more than I should). Orders over $50 always have free shipping, and exchanges are free (returns are $6). Because shopping there is nearly risk-free, and because their stuff goes on sale a lot, it's a great place to shop for quality workout clothes that fit great.

Where do you shop for workout clothes? Any place I'm missing here?


  1. These are all very cute. You totally deserve some nice gear for kicking into action 6-7 days a week! I mostly work out in shorts and t shirts but I did recently drop a pretty penny on some good yoga capris and sports bras. I hope the fact that I spent so much on the workout clothes will motivate me to use them - and it is just a little more fun ;)

  2. i know i don't know you well enough to comment thoroughly, but please look into the effects of exercising every day on the body in the long term. everday exercise, not giving the body enough time to rest and repair, is one of the classic causes of immune system breakdown. this can set a person up for disease down the road. i did the same thing in my past as i was addicted to exercise. the best thing i could have done for myself was to cut back to every other day, especially if it's intense exercise. just my .02

  3. Rick, I think that's a very important message. This year I started to work with a personal trainer who told me I was exercising too much. So he created a routine for me where I've cut back significantly, and that routine includes lots of rest and recovery...including one full week of rest every 4-6 weeks. Before I started working with him, I actually never knew too much exercise could be harmful, so I do think it's important for people to know.

  4. I totally pick my workout clothes based on how flattering they are! I have the kickbooty pants in black, and I want the leggings too. I love that you can buy them in different lengths. I'm 5'9" and it seems like yoga pants in general run short, so it's definitely necessary. I need to expand my color choices though. I buy tops in different colors but always go for black bottoms. I'm currently coveting lululemon's astro pants in that gray color.

  5. I love work out clothes too. I really like those kickbooty pants...I need some of those!