Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 13: Project Food Budget

Week 13 of Reluctant Vegetarian's Project: Food Budget

Goal: $75
Actual: $60.57

I'm under but it's because I haven't been cooking a lot. We're in the midst of a home renovation project, and the cooking I've done has been mainly test recipes for the next Happy Herbivore cookbook. Mostly the budget went to fresh fruits and veggies for snacks and many salads plus just a few other things...
(All the baked goods are for some thank-you gift bags for people.)

Looking forward to being done with the house renovation so I can do more cooking!

Hello to my fellow food budgeters!


  1. hope the renovations are going smoothly. and quickly so that you can get back to cooking!

  2. I don't think I would count the baked goods as part of my food budget, then. I would count those as part of my gift-giving budget, which is a whole other line item (like gas or electricity or cable). Just sayin'. Just because you decide to make people gifts doesn't mean your food budget should be penalized. If you bought them gloves and scarves you wouldn't through that in your food budget, right? :)