Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Challenge: Burpees

When 5 p.m. comes around on Fridays, my mind screams, "Weekend!" I give in to the party-it-up weekend vibe and indulge in things I never would on weekdays: drinks, dinners out, not tracking WeightWatchers points, and thawing vegan cookies from my freezer. WeightWatchers defines maintenance as five pounds above or below your goal weight. While I'm still within that range, my weight is now at the high end. I blame weekends.

So I love the weekend challenges Women's Health Magazine puts out. I did pushups and lunges as part of last weekend's challenge and ate healthfully, with control, all weekend (and lost two pounds too). The challenge is do to some physical activity before you eat every meal. I think why this is successful is that it makes eating an event--something you have to work for a little--rather than a continuous, mindless activity. So, I'm in for this weekend's challenge: to do three sets of eight burpees before every meal. Women's Health says, "This movement, besides activating your muscles, improves flexibility, mobility, and posture--all critical factors for keeping your body young and injury-free." I'm doing the extra challenge of doing a pushup between moves C and D. Not only is it good exercise, but it's nice to start a Monday feeling good about completing a challenge. Why not do it with me this weekend?

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