Monday, October 10, 2011

Special Kittens Need Special Home

When I trapped a feral mom and her kittens to get mom spayed, I misjudged the kittens' ages and kept them to socialize them and get them adopted. The older kittens are, the harder they are to socialize (that is, get them used to people), and if they're not socialized, they will never be able to be handled. They were about 12 weeks when I brought them in at the beginning of August, and they were tough cookies. It was five weeks--five long weeks of them hiding from them, hissing at me, and running when I tried to touch them--before the first one warmed up to me (he has already found a home). After that, it was the kitten domino effect: each of them warmed up to me slowly, and now they are finally ready to be adopted! They both love to be petted and brushed...and play, of course!

These kittens need an owner who will be very loving and patient with them until they adjust to their new home. They are normal kittens in every way except that they are very shy at first with new people...remember that they were born on the streets, and their mom taught them to be fearful of people to ensure their survival. It will probably take a few weeks to a month, but once they have adjusted to their new home and bonded with their new owner, they will be great companions! I have a formal feral that I socialized for an animal shelter, and he bonded with me so strongly that I just had to keep him. Usually formal ferals bond strongly with their owners, so they are perfect for someone who wants total love and devotion from their feline friend. They are about four months old and have been spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, so they are ready to go to their forever home! Please contact me if you know anyone who is interested. And if someone has room in their hearts and home, they are great friends and would love to be adopted together.

This handsome, buff-colored boy is laidback and gentle. He loves to fall onto his back for belly rubs and is very affectionate. He likes to play, but he is just as happy watching his crazier sister play. He loves to pick rubber balls and anything else he can find in his mouth and put them in his water bowl...he loves to play in water! My family watched both kittens at their house for a week, and Max let them pet him within just a few days. He's very sweet.


My husband called this kitten "the one that looks like a hyena," so she became Hester Hyena. She is a beautiful medium-haired calico with a big puffy tail and an even bigger personality. She's one of the smartest cats I've ever met, and as such, gets bored easily, so she will do best in a home where someone can play, play, play with her. She goes nuts over a feather wand and plays fetch. She is a bossy little girl--she was the leader of the litter--and would do best either in a home by herself or with other submissive cats (or with her brother Max!) She constantly chirps and talks and is constantly looking for a new adventure. She will need the most time to adjust, though...perhaps because she is so smart, she is also very wary of new situations, but her new owner will be able to win her over by playing with her lots.


  1. So great that you took the time to care for these little ones! We just adopted a kitten a few months ago from a similar situation and he was very wild for about a month, but now he can't get enough of us. Good luck! Hope they all find loving and patient homes :)

  2. Update: Hester found a home! She has a nice family with a little girl who seemed to love her at first look. But now Max is beside himself with loneliness. I want to find him a home ASAP!

  3. I do hope little Max finds a home soon, he is so beautiful. Unfortunately I live in England. I am so pleased that you looked after these beautiful kittens and enabled them to have good, happy and well cared for lives. Fingers crossed for Max. They do find it hard leaving their brothers and sisters I find it heartbreaking. Sooner or later though it usually has to happen. Thanks for looking after them so beautifully. x