Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 24: Project Food Budget

Week 24 of Reluctant Vegetarian's Project: Food Budget

Goal: $75
Actual: $91.12

Recently I attended some seminars about environmental impacts on our health. These impacts include everything from the cosmetics we use to housecleaning products to the food we eat. The speakers talked over and over about the importance of eating organic fruits and vegetables. In one study they cited, a group of children who ate conventional fruits and vegetables all tested positive for pesticides. Half of the group ate organic fruits and vegetables for just two weeks. When they were tested again, that group had no pesticides in their system. The message was clear: eating organic is one thing you can do to quickly rid your body of hazardous elements.

So, armed with my list of the dirty dozen, I sought out organic produce. It was tough! Giant Eagle's Market District and Trader Joe's have slim pickings. The farmers' markets do have organic produce, but of course, it's limited to what's in season (right now, mainly lettuces, kale, etc.) So, I grudgingly went to Whole Foods, sure I was in for a high grocery bill. Their organic selection is, of course, great. But the organic peaches I bought there almost immediately went moldy before I could eat even one!

Still, my lesson learned this week is that I'd rather have a higher grocery bill to avoid consuming pesticides, so I'll be continuing to buy organic.

This week's budget went toward salads, tofu scrambles, and the following meals. Plus, I did have a splurge: a potted lettuce garden from Whole Foods for $12.99.
PS: After you're done tallying your grocery bills, throw them out! The paper the bills are printed on contain hazardous chemicals.


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  1. yep, cash register receipts contain BPA! Good call!

    consider buying only items that are in-season. "organic" foods bought from other countries are rarely truly organic. we've stopped buying mangoes, pineapple, and other foods that don't grow in America because the proof is out there that those foods are gassed for ripening purposes and are rarely organic even when they claim to be. it pays to be a sleuth, when your health is concerned :)

    - rick

  2. OH gosh. Our date night/day is at Whole Foods buying pricey stuff.
    But yes, we can all eat on the cheap! It's good to do that just to show ourselves we still know how!!
    And actually sometimes we eat healthier without the packaged Daiya!

  3. what conference did you attend? sounds like it was a good one!

    and besides, you were under budget for so long that it's okay to go over. kind of evening itself out. or something like that. ;-)