Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Veganomicon Sauteed Seitan with Mushrooms and Spinach

Sometimes it seems like the most delicious dishes translate to the most unappetizing photos. Case in point: the Sauteed Seitan with Mushrooms and Spinach above. This is a Veganomicon recipe, but I made the Surefire Seitan from Appetite for Reduction; I like it better than the Veganomicon version.

First, I cannot stop eating the seitan right out of the pot. I could easily eat an entire batch of this seitan if I let myself (but hello, vital wheat gluten overload, so I do not let myself). Second, I love it even more in this recipe. I could also easily eat all four servings of this recipe at once.

The recipe starts by sauteeing seitan in olive oil then adding thinly sliced onions. Then you add sliced mushrooms, minced garlic, thyme, and basil. Once the mushrooms are softened, you add some white wine and veg broth, add a bunch of spinach, and in five minutes you have a really delicious meal. That it's also so quick and easy to put together makes this another Veganomicon winner. 


  1. This sounds so good. I have got to get a copy of Appetite For Reduction! I'm also going to have look that recipe up in vcon. This may go on my menu for next week. :0)

  2. Looks great. I ought to make seitan more often. I don't think I've tried the version in AFR.

  3. I love this dish. When I decided to make it, I thought it would be a little bland/boring to it, but I still wanted to give it a try, since I want to try every single recipe in this cookbook. And it was genius. Really great.

    Does your sunfire seitan hold well? I made it once and it was a complete disaster, unlike other seitan recipes I make.