Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Cookie Planning

I wish I could skip over Thanksgiving and get right to Christmas. Last year I baked holiday cookies for the first time ever and gave the 300+ delicious, vegan cookies to friends, family, and neighbors. I loved everything about it: spending all weekend in my cozy kitchen eating leftover cookie dough; giving something I was proud to have made myself as presents; and having beautiful vegan cookie trays at family holiday meals.

This year I've made the first draft of my cookie list and plan to start baking this weekend. But first...I need to get through Thanksgiving.

At least at Christmas holiday meals I have my vegan cookies to lift my spirits. But at Thanksgiving, I'm forced to watch my family tear into the carcass of a dead turkey. Yes, I can bring my own dishes and have some good ones planned. But I'm still disgusted and sad to have to be a part of a holiday that supports the cruel practices of factory farming. There's no getting around it, though. For my husband and my family, I will go to Thanksgiving dinner. I'll try to focus on how I'm living a compassionate lifestyle and not supporting factory farming, even if I'm the only one at the table doing so. After I get through the day, my reward will be baking cookies this weekend.


  1. Wow! what an achievement. I'm sure everyone was impressed.
    I feel for you. I hope thanksgiving's not as bad as you're expecting! Chin up- Christmas is almost here :)

  2. Your cookie planning sounds great! Are some of these recipes new to you? I've made Isa's pillows once and they were great.

    That is a neat idea to bake a lot of cookies and give them to family and friends. Might do that!