Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mountain Made Treats from WV

This past weekend my husband and I headed down to West Virginia, one of our favorite places. We rented this house near Davis and Thomas (two really great small towns), with views to the mountains and ski resorts (Timberline, Canaan, etc.)Because the drive was only about three hours, we filled a cooler with food. I cooked up some chickpeas and made a dressing and brought lots of lettuce for salads. I also made some hummus and whole-wheat bread, and brought pb & j. While walking through Davis, I saw that Hellbender Burritos had both tofu and homemade seitan options! I wished I hadn't brought so much food, but now I know for next time. If you're ever down that way, The Purple Fiddle in Thomas also has veg options.
Our rental was about 15 minutes away from Blackwater Falls. Beautiful!The viewing area for the falls was 218 steps down. The majority of people we passed while we were walking down were acting like the walk back up was equivalent to a marathon. They were nearly crawling up, out of breath and clearly out of shape. But the worst was an older Indian woman in a full-length sari that we passed on the way down. Granted, she must have been hot, but by the time we went down and back up again, she was nearly passed out on a bench half-way up. I'm wondering if, two days later, she's made it up yet. 218 steps is not a big deal. I went up as quickly as I could and was barely out of breath. I think it just shows how out of shape so many people are! I don't think everyone needs to be ripped, but I do think people should have a basic level of fitness to walk up some steps.
We also went up to Spruce Knob, the highest point in WV. It was windy and a little chilly, so that's why I look a little like Matrix with my long, black, blowing sweater!I got the necklace I have on in that photo from Mountain Made, which sells handmade arts and crafts from West Virginia artisans. I also stocked up on homemade nut butters, jams, and salsas. My favorite is the smoked almond butter--delicious!


  1. holy hell awesome post! first of all, HellBender's menu looks fab! Seriously, wow! Where is there a place like that in Pgh?!?! Maybe we should start one!

    about ppl having trouble climbing the stairs - i see it all the time too and you're right, it's pathetic. it sickens me actually.

    the waterfalls look gorgeous, and i've never had smoked almond butter but now i want to try it!


    ~ Rick

  2. Haha, total matrix shot. I wish I could take short trips like this! There are a fair amount in NY but it'd take some coordinating, plus a lot of public transportation. Looks like a nice little getaway.